Yasir Zaki

Assistant professor of CS
A2, office 191
+971 2 628 4860
yasir.zaki (at)

Nouar Aldahoul

Postdoctoral associate
naa9497 (at)

Hazem Ibrahim

PhD Student
hazem.ibrahim (at)

Rohail Asim

PhD Student
rohail.asim (at)

Daniel Jang

Post-Graduation Research Fellow
hsj276 (at)

Research Students

Capstone Students



Roba Olana


Capstone title: Sonar: Collaborative Educational Playground

Gideon Akosah

Software EngineerSoftware Engineer @ JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Capstone title: MAML EDITOR: AWebsite Editor Supporting a Restricted Subset of JavaScript Functionalities

Aayusha Shrestha

Produc Manager @ Noon

Capstone title: safeBook: A Tool to Increase User Autonomy on Facebook

Christopher Chen

Capstone title: JSLabeling: A Novel Approach to Labeling theWeb

Runyao Fang

CS Master's student @ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Capstone title: Implementation of aWebpage Editor for Pages with Minimum JavaScript Dependency

Mikołaj Dębicki

Head of Technology @

Capstone title: Oligopoly of Big-Tech Companies Despite Global Mistrust

Maria del Mar Jaramillo

Product Manager and Developer @ RVDev

Capstone title: Understanding Javascript Code using Machine Learning

Jesutofunmi Kupoluyi

Software Engineer @ Twitter

Capstone title: Muzeel: A Dynamic Event-Driven Analyzer for JavaScript Dead Code Elimination in MobileWeb

Waleed Hashmi

Research Assistant @ NYUAD

Capstone title: QLUE: A Computer Vision Tool for Uniform Qualitative Evaluation ofWeb Pages

Patrick Inshuti

Software Engineer @ Goldman Sachs

Capstone title: Iruka: Accelerated Mobile Pages Through Classifying and Blocking Non-critical JavaScript

Jahnae Miller

Software Engineer @ Noon

Capstone title: An Empirical Comparison of Code Similarity Algorithms

Manesha Ramesh

Associate Product Management @ Noon

Capstone title: JSCleaner: Firefox Plugin

Vlad Cherevkov

Associate Product Manager @ Revolut

Capstone title: Analyzing JavaScript in Modern Webpages Using Machine Learning

Arantza Rodriguez

Technical Consultant @ PwC Middle East

Capstone title: EMERGE a content creation and distribution application

Patrick Wee Sheldon

Manager, Strategy x Innovation @ EMAAR

Capstone title: Driverless travel with an Indoor Vehicle through Computer Vision


Moumena Chaqfeh

Assistant lecturer of CS
A1, office 187
+971 2 628 4099
moumena.chaqfeh (at)

Russell Coke

Software Engineer @Noon

Muhammad Khan

Lecturer in Computing @University College Birmingham (Business School)

Summer Interns

Waleed Hashmi

Wahib Kamran

Research Visitors

Luis Diez

University of Cantabria

Talal Ahmad

Software Engineer working on Networking Stack @Google


Matteo Varvello

Nokia Bell Labs